Pista ng Mapa 2022 Organizing Committee


Ben Hur

Geospatial Generalist. Open Stuff Advocate. Maptivist/Datactivist.
Ben Hur is currently the Data Training Lead for the Open Knowledge Foundation.
He supports and takes an active role in the open data and open mapping communities in the Philippines as an individual and through BNHR, an open data and FOSS4G social enterprise that he established, and through SmartCT, a citizen-centric and open-by-default tech non-profit that he co-founded.
His Masters thesis under the Geomatics Engineering Program of the NGSE was about the use of spatial analysis and visualization in Philippine basketball.


Geospatial Analyst. Educator. Open Data Advocate.
Feye is currently serving as a Regional Ambassador for YouthMappers.
She also works as a Junior Managing Researcher at UP Resilience Institute and teaches a GIS elective at De La Salle University-Manila.
She has been an active volunteer OpenStreetMap-Philippines since 2013 where she teaches different stakeholders how to use OpenStreetMap and other open mapping tools and techniques. She is also a member of the HOT Quality Control Working Group, which ensures and maintains data quality on humanitarian projects.




Environmental/Urban Planner. Geographer. GIS Specialist
Ron strongly advocates for open data and actively supports volunteer-driven mapping initiatives. His recent volunteer work was the mapping assistance for the Philippines’ Department of Health in two public health concerns: (1) spatial and accessibility analyses to scale up COVID-19 testing in the Philippines, and (2) mapping of Arsenic contamination in the groundwater of the Province of Batangas. Both utilized the power of open data and open source software such as OpenStreetMap and QGIS, respectively.
Currently, he is the Map Operations Manager for Grab - the Southeast Asia's largest mobile technology company.


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