Pista ng Mapa 2022 Presentation Guidelines

Pista ng Mapa 2022 will be an in-person conference

In case you will not be able to attend on-site, you may opt to give your presentation remotely via a pre-recorded video.

For more information about the requirements for the remote presentation, please refer to the Presentation Technical Guidelines.


The general topics for the presentations are:

Each presentation can cover multiple topics.

Submissions promoting proprietary and restricted licensed software will not be accepted. Pista ng Mapa is a conference for free and open stuff (data, software, hardware, science, etc.) and that is the main interest.


Talks can be classified as being Academic track or General track.

Academic track

The Academic track includes original research contributions addressing any topic or domain connected to open data, open mapping, open geospatial, and their applications. All types of papers are welcome, such as on results achieved, case studies, work in progress, reviews and demos. Academic track presentations must show originality, novelty, and relevance in their field.

In selecting Academic track presentations, particular attention will be given to the reproducibility of the research and its adherance to the FAIR principles. Researches that make all aspects (e.g. data, steps, methods, code) openly available and openly licensed, or those that use exisiting open data and methods, are preferred.

General track

The General track includes all other presentations that are not part of the Academic track.

Presentation types

There are two main presentation types:

Talk (25 minutes)

Classic talk/presentation with 20 minutes for the talk itself and 5 minutes for questions.

Lightning talk (5-10 minutes)

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations that last between 5 to 10 minutes only. Several lightning talks under the same topic/theme will be grouped together as one session with 10 minutes for questions after the session.

Workshops (1hr, 2hr, 4hr)

Hands-on and skill-building sessions. Workshops are required to be held on-site.

Technical complexity / Intended skill level of attendees

Each presentation is required to include its technical complexity or the intended skill level of its attendees.


There will be a community vote to decide which presentations will be part of the conference programme.


The slides, decks, recordings and presentations during Pista ng Mapa 2022 will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Kindly inform us if you do not wish for your presentations to be published or streamed.

Optional guidelines

Timeline and deadlines

Opening of submissions September 2, 2022
Deadline of submissions October 9, 2022
Community vote October 19-24, 2022
Announcement of accepted presentations                   October 25, 2022

Pre-recorded presentation requirements

For more information, please refer to the Presentation Technical Guidelines.

Technical requirements

General guidelines

When recording your presentation, take note of the following:


Submit a presentation


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