A review of open source software and free online services for GNSS data processing

13 Nov 2021, 16:35 UTC+8
25 minutes (w/ Q&A)

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Ronnie Bermudez

The presentation will delve on using open source GNSS processing software, particularly RTKLIB (though GPSTk will be touched upon as well), and free online GNSS post processing services like OPUS, AUSPOS, APPS, GAPS, Centerpoint RTX, among others. It is believed that using these technologies will give land surveyors additional options in processing their GNSS observations, particularly for horizontal control establishment. GNSS observations that would be processed for this lecture using the aforementioned technologies are at least 60 minutes long and contains at least dual frequency (L1 and L2) Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data, though other constellations (i.e. multi-frequency GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou, and QZSS) are tracked as well. The coordinates that will be derived from these solutions shall be compared to reference datasets computed using National Mapping and Resource Information Agency’s (NAMRIA) ground control points (GCP) that are of at least fourth order accuracy. Practical applications and limitations of the technologies will also be discussed.


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