About Pista ng Mapa

Celebrating open (geo)data and maps; fostering the growth of inclusive communities across the Philippines.

This year, the Pista is going ONLINE!

Pista ng Mapa (Festival of Maps) is a free-of-charge outreach activity to generate public interest, advocate the use of open (geo) data, promote free and open source software for geospatial (FOSS4G) applications, gather and grow enthusiasts, users in the public and private sector, and local communities in the Philippines, outside of the capital region Metro Manila.

It is organized by volunteer advocates from the local OpenStreetMap, OSGeo/FOSS4G, and other map-py communities.

2019 Pista ng Mapa group photos
Pista ng Mapa 2019 group photo (c) Neyzielle Ronnicque Cadiz

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