Pista ng Mapa 2020 Map & Poster Making Contest

About the contest

Let’s make our year mappy! Everyone is encouraged to join the map & poster making competition of this year’s Pista ng Mapa – the premier open mapping conference in the Philippines. Through this contest, we want to showcase the resilience and creativity of our map makers in telling stories and conveying information through free and open mapping.


This year’s theme is Mapa Para sa Lahat.

We are encouraging everyone to submit their best cartographic work to the competition. The maps can have different subjects, forms and styles and we leave it to the map makers to choose the story they want to tell, information they want to convey, or questions they want to answer through their maps. However, each entry must contain the following elements:


The competition will have 2 categories.

Submissions must be an original work

Who may join


The entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

How compelling or impactful is the story or information being conveyed?                                      
How was spatial data and technologies used to present the story
or convey the information?
How relevant is the map, story, or information being conveyed?
How did the map utilize free and open data or free and open source software?


There will be four (4) winners – one per category (Static and Interactive) for each participant group (Students and Professional/Non-students). The winners will receive PhP 10,000.00 worth of online education/learning credits. The prize is also convertible to cash but is non-transferable.

The winners will have reserved slots in Pista ng Mapa as speakers in the lightning talk or show-and-tell sessions where they can talk about their map to the community.


Opening of submissions September 1, 2020
Deadline of submissions October 10, 2020
Judging period October 11-25, 2020
Announcement of winners                   October 28, 2020

Submission Requirements

Static Maps

Interactive Maps

Entries must be submitted on or before October 10, 2020. By submitting your works, you ensure organizers that the submission is an original work and has not been submitted and won in a previous similar competition.

Other information

The map maker is accountable for any issues that may arise with regard to the originality and authenticity of the design. Please contact pistangmapa@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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